About Us


1. To experience and nurture the truth of God in our own lives and in the life of the church through prayer and worship

2. To spread the good news of Jesus Christ in the neighbourhood

3. To support activities that enable the church to support the wider community.

Mission Redevelopment Project

The church believes that in order that the church can continue to meet the needs of the Heswall Community in the years ahead, it needs to continually look for fresh expressions of our faith and to have premises which enable these fresh expressions to flourish. It has therefore embarked on a two stage project.

HMC - refurbished interiorStage 1 This consisted of refurbishing the worship area of the church to make it more flexible and comfortable. This part of the project was launched in February 2009 and was completed at the end of July 2009. The pews have been removed and have been replaced by chairs. There are new doors to the foyer.  A new heating system has been installed. Lighting, sound and projection systems have all been upgraded. New carpet has been fitted and the church redecorated. A leaflet with more detail can be viewed as a pdf document.

Stage 2 This entails a development of the successful venture that has already taken place in Venture House adjacent to the church.  The Beacon Coffee shop has just celebrated its tenth birthday. It has provided a contact point between the church and the community and a place where people can meet and chat over coffee or light lunch.  As a by-product of this service which members of the church and others have given voluntarily, many thousands of pounds have been given to various charities. Development of the premises will enable the activities there to be extended.

A loving, living church

We have adopted this motto as our aspiration for our church.  We seek to continue to be a church for the whole family and to serve the local community and play our part in the wider world e.g. through the support of charities.  We welcome all to join with us in any of our activiites.  You do not have to be a member of the Methodist church.  To be one of us, you do not have to sign up to any doctrines. We have adopted the principle of 'belonging before believing'.    

A church for the whole family

Over the last few years the church has made progress in making church more family friendly. A working group have successfully brought ideas to the Church Council which have been adopted.

Image projection of hymns and songs means no searching for them in a book, and has led to better singing; pictures and videos on the screen also make it more interesting and meaningful.

Baby-changing facilities have been installed.

A children's corner in the church is supplied with books and toys.

A part-time children's worker has promoted the work amongst the Pram and Buggy group and the under-11s. Special events such as pancake parties, family picnics, balloon services, have contributed to this growing part of church life.  We have also organised successful holiday clubs at school half-terms. This web-site is seen as a valuable means of families knowing about our church.

Church Mice and Messy Church are specifically aimed at younger people and their families

The church provides many opportunities for older people to enjoy each others friendship as well as share in worship. Some groups are of a spiritual nature but others have a general programme. Details of the various activities are given in the Activities/Adult Groups section of this web-site. 

Family services can sometimes be too much for some of our elderly members, and whilst we do everything we can to encourage worship as one family, the church has instituted 9am communion services on the 1st Sunday in the month and lunch-time services on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays in the month especially for those who prefer quieter, more traditional services.

A church to serve the community

The Church does not exist just for its members. The church is involved in many outreach projects: There are  more details in the Activities/ Social outreach section of this web-site.

The Beacon coffee shop serves to act as an interface between the church and the community. By serving coffee and selling fair trade goods, and providing a friendly face and an opportunity to chat, it has proved itself to be an important part of the church's life. It is run by volunteers and profits are given away to charity. 

The Orion Club for those with learning disabilities was founded by, and is still run by former youth club members supported by church members. 

The Wirral Methodist Housing Association has several members of the church involved in its board and committees. 

The Friendship club brings housebound folk to the Beacon for a light lunch and a chance to talk with others.

The Pram and Buggy Club enables mums and toddlers to meet other families.

The church sponsors a range of uniformed organisations for young people.

The church regularly supports a number of charities.