Our Premises

The main suite of buildings comprises the chapel (main worship area), foyer, church hall, kitchen, office, vestry, toilets, and three small rooms. Across the drive is Venture House, which houses the Beacon coffee shop and fair trade centre.

Features of the present church: HMC Inside

In the first half of 2009, the church worship area was refurbished, removing pews and replacing them with chairs.

The original organ was purchased in 1908.  During the Second World War it was rebuilt and extended in memory of a Mr S.R.Dodds, a leading figure in the church and indeed in the whole of Methodism. It was recognised as the finest organ in Wirral for its size.  More recently, further modernisation has taken place and the organ is used for recitals as well as in worship.  A piano and keyboard are also used occasionally.  Further information about the organ can be obtained from the organist via our Contact Form.

The woodwork of the chancel, behind the communion table was given by Ernest Corkhill  and family in memory of his son, killed in the First World War.

 A war memorial plaque can be found at the rear of the church, recording the names of the 12 members of the church who were killed in the First World War. 

HMC Round WindowThe stained glass windows in the church were fitted around 1957 and depict symbols of our church and faith.  In the porch there is a memorial window portaying the sower and the seed.  Derek Hull has published a small booklet discussing the symbols used in the windows, with meditations by Christine Dutton.  This may be viewed as a pdf file - "In The Stillness".

A children's corner provides a place for small children to occupy themselves during services, reading, colouring or playing with toys.

The baptismal font is a modern wooden one. The older stone one is located in the porch and provides a support for fresh flowers to greet worshippers each week.

A Book of Remembrance is found in the Foyer. Each Sunday the pages are turned to show the members and friends of the church who have died that week in previous years.

Needlework  Several pieces of needlework are to be found in the church.  The lectern falls were made by Isobel Davies and Frances Edwards and the golden wall hanging was made by a group of people in about 1995.

The most recent addition is a Memorial banner, a wall hanging depicting a rising dove.  This artwork was commissioned and paid for by several people who wished to have a memorial for loved ones who had died.

HMC ServiceA screen allows the use of images and videos. 

Fresh flowers are arranged in the porch and the church each week.  The cost of these is provided by church members in memory of loved ones, and the flowers are distributed  afterwards and are a way of showing that the church cares.

Hire of premises:

The church has several rooms of various sizes which are used on weekdays as well as Sunday.  They are available for hire by non-church organisations provided suitable timing can be arranged. 

Enquire by e-mail or phone as below for further details.